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The Best Closing Lines for Sellers

No matter how great your sales pitch is or how well your presentation settles with your audience, it’s closing the sale that counts. No close, no deal! This part of sales can be totally nerve-wracking and the hardest part to get the hang of, believe me—I know!

Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, I had a sales meeting with a gentleman. We discussed all his needs and questions and all was going exceptionally…except that it was just going…and going…and going! Three hours later, I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have a sale. It was the longest meeting of my life!

And then it hit me. I realized as I was walking out the door that there was absolutely no reason I didn’t have the right to just ask for the sale! This brings us to closing line number one…

Is there any reason why we couldn’t get you started today?

This is the line that I used with the man that day, and you know what his response was? “I was wondering when you were going to ask.” What!? If you’ve done your job as a sales professional finding out your client’s goals or issues, providing them a solution, and giving any information they were interested in during your time with them, you’ve earned the right to ask!

Starting the close with “Is there any reason why” is key. This provides them with an open-ended question they have to answer. If their answer is “no, there’s no reason why we can’t start today”—that’s great! They’ve essentially closed the sale themselves! If they say “yes,” and give you their reason, you now know your objection and can decide how to best overcome it.

What would you like to do next?

Here’s another open-ended closing line you can present to your potential client that basically prompts them to close the deal themselves! It gives the prospect a chance to outline what works best for them and when. This question will show that you truly have their best interest in mind and want to help. It also allows you to align your wants with the needs of their schedule. Which brings us to your next option…

What would I need to do to get on your schedule?

Throughout sales conversations, mini-closes are constantly taking place. Rushing a client too much can be hazardous, which is why the question is framed to prioritize their schedule. Maybe, this will only lead to another appointment with the prospect, but sometimes that’s just the priority of that specific conversation. A confirmed appointment is at least forward momentum, and everyone likes the idea of progress.

These are just three lines that I use to make the deal with prospects. As always with sales, be personal and get creative! What’s most important is to throw away your fear of just asking for the sale! As sales professionals, we can’t expect our potential buyers to take the reins and close the deal for us. Presenting the question to them is crucial, and can save you hours of your time. Take it from my mistakes, you guys!