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4 Things I Always Take With Me to a Sales Call/Meeting

It’s time to make that sales call again—and you’ve been putting it off all morning. Or maybe you’re about to walk up to your prospects door, and you realize you forgot your folder with all your materials back at the office… Yikes!

I know, I know… Sales calls and meetings definitely aren’t part of the perks of the job as a sales professional, but hey guys, it doesn’t have to be that bad! It’s easy to feel unprepared when you just pick up the phone and start talking or walk into a meeting with a new prospect, which is why planning is so important. You know the aspects that go into that: researching the company, learning about the person you’re going to speak to, planning questions for the conversation. But what about when the call or meeting actually begins? Here are some things I always have with me during a call or an appointment with a prospect: 

1. A contract: Don’t ever go into a sales call or meeting without a contract! What would you do if your prospect told you they were ready to buy, and you didn’t have this on you? Exactly. Bring the contract to every meeting; assume the close.

2. Collateral/Marketing Material: I always keep copies of some of my important marketing materials with me, such as business cards or pamphlets, so that I can use them to support the claims that I’m making to my potential buyer. Plus, if you’re at a face-to-face meeting, you can leave them behind so they’ll remember you after you’re done.

A tip for marketing materials: It is possible to have too many. You don’t want to take the focus off of the personal conversation that you’re having with the prospect or confuse them with too much information. Leave only what’s most important, so that they don’t have to figure that out themselves.

3. Pen and paper: Not only is this important for your own personal note taking (or many sales professionals find it helpful to have some sort of script nearby highlighting key points they don’t want to miss), it’s also important that the prospect sees that you are there to listen, learn, and present a solution to them. Wouldn’t you feel better going into a sales meeting and seeing your seller taking notes on what you’re telling them? It shows the client that you care!

4. A mental rehearsal: Before an Olympic athlete performs their event, they prepare mentally. They breathe, stretch, and actually visualize themselves running around the track, swinging their arms, and coming in through the finish line. Approach your sales calls like a champion too! Just like an Olympian, visualize your call or appointment going exactly as planned. Play out the conversation in your mind, presenting yourself as confident and helpful towards your potential buyer. Anticipate questions or objections that could come your way, so that you have a plan to get the conversation back on track. You could even do this out loud, so that you can practice having confidence in your voice and body language. 

Bringing these 4 things into a sales call or meeting will assure a smoother, more self-assured conversation that will help you nail the sale. Don’t pick up that phone without them!