Stephanie Chung.

Leader. Fighter. Survivor.

Stephanie's approach to empowerment is as personal and authentic as her own story.

She's a barrier-breaker in corporate leadership and a breast cancer warrior, embodying resilience and courage. Her experiences aren't just talking points; they're the lifeblood of her commitment to merge neuroscience, business savvy, and courageous action.

Her speaking engagements are infused with both her singular energy and a narrative that is a testament to living boldly and leading with heart.



Top-Rated Speaker


CEO Top 500

Ebony Power 100 List

Former President, JetSuite

Founding Chief Growth Officer, Wheels UP

Stephanie Chung never met an expectation she didn’t plan on surpassing.

Her career is an inspiring narrative of breaking barriers and blowing past those expectations. As a pioneering woman of color in the aviation sector, Stephanie has ascended to top executive roles, influencing industry standards and driving impactful growth. Her tenure as Chief Growth Officer at Wheels Up and President at JetSuite is marked by innovative strategies that significantly expanded membership and redefined brand positioning.

Apart from her executive accomplishments, Stephanie is a highly sought-after keynote speaker and author whose work has been translated into 60 different languages. Her works, particularly in applying neuroscience to sales and leadership, offer groundbreaking and practical strategies for professional growth. Her engaging and practical insights have made her a top rated speaker for events and organizations in search of deeper, longer lasting, change. Stephanie's influence also extends to her board roles with organizations like the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Business Aviation Association, where her strategic insights have guided significant organizational transformations. At the heart of Stephanie Chung's extraordinary success is her unwavering belief in the strength of human connections, fueling a journey that inspires us all to be better, together.

Generated nearly $1B in revenue annually

Stephanie led a private aviation sales team that beat their quota of almost $1B every year.

An aviation trailblazer

Stephanie has 35 years of aviation experience, from a baggage handler to being the first African-American private aviation company president.

Drove double-digit sales increases

During her coaching career, Stephanie’s clients routinely achieved record production within 90 days.

Trusted across the country

Stephanie is a former contributor to Inc. Magazine and can be seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, and more.