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Believe In Your Product or Company Before You Sell It

Here’s the truth, guys: there are a lot of salespeople out there that don’t truly believe in their company or the services they’re providing. It’s easy for them to just tell their prospects what they want to hear because they’re out for one thing and one thing only: making the sale and getting a check. But I know, that’s not you! And I’m here to assure you that selling your services that way isn’t what keeps clients buying and telling their friends.

Sure, having confidence in yourself and your ability to sell is important, but that’s only one aspect of making that next sale! Your true magic lies in the confidence you have in your services and your company. If you have no doubt about the way your services can change your prospects’ lives, there will be no doubt in their minds’ either. Believe me, your certainty is contagious!

However, in order for you to actually believe that your services are what your prospect needs, you have to start a relationship with them. I’ve told you time and time again how important building this relationship is, and it applies here as well. How can you have confidence that your prospect needs your help if you don’t actually know what they need, want, and value? Ask these questions and listen before talking to them about your services. No one wants to hear features rattled off about your product—no matter how much you believe in it! Instead, find out what your buyers need individually so that you can assure them, while truly believing yourself, that it’s your services that will make their life and their job easier.

The greatest salesperson fully believes that their product is the solution to their prospect’s pains because they know and sympathize with their prospect’s pains. Your ultimate goal? Having your client trust you and believe in your product the same way that you believe in your product. When you develop a relationship with your client and understand their goals and concerns, they will be able to sense your genuine concern.

Let’s face it—today, consumers have their guards up. They don’t want to get scammed; they don’t want to be told to buy anything they don’t want or need. It’s just how it is! It’s important to remember that these are the kind of thoughts that you may be working against when you first start communicating with your potential client. Your belief in your product has to break through these misconceptions. Your belief in your product has to shatter the ideas that you’re just another salesperson. So let them see your passion!

Have no fear though, dear! Just let your confidence in your services shine through. (And if you don’t have a solid belief in your product yet…there’s obviously, something that needs to be fixed.) Closing sales just by being a “good salesperson” isn’t what’s going to get you long-term clients and long-term success. It’s up to you to sell services that keep their promises, and in turn, keeps your clients!