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Top Three Travel Items Every Business Woman Should Pack

Business traveling can be quite the hassle, especially on those quick 24- or 48-hour trips. If you don’t have a solid game plan for items to take on your trip, you’re just hoping what you throw into your carry on will be exactly what you need.

Besides taking the most important items like clothing and gadgets to keep you connected while you’re away, I’ve found a handful of items to be truly indispensable when I’m on the road, no matter the length of the trip.

Tote Bag

Some ladies prefer to travel with small bags, but tote bags like this one, will leave you looking elegant and offers the practicality every professional can appreciate. Tote bags that have multiple pockets are perfect for your tech accessories and any other important supplies you may need while you’re running from airplane to taxi like pens, cash and your travel itinerary.

Portable Organizer

Similar to the tote bag, this travel-size item can also carry your electronic tools like a tablet or phone. A portable organizer like this one is another great tool to keep digital and travel essentials organized during a busy trip. I use mine to keep track of cords, cards and more!

Portable Slippers

I always bring foldable slippers like these during any trip and use them on the flight and around my hotel room. Walking all day in heels and going from one place to another is tiring for you and your poor feet. Use the slippers to relieve some pressure!

Business meetings and presentations can be stressful enough… through some smart planning you can make your life easier by organizing your essentials for your next trip.