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Sever The Mental Tie Between Work Life and Personal Time

I’m sure you’ve noticed that today’s work environment is seriously competitive. The message you get is that the more hours you spend working and connected via mobile devices, the more successful you’ll appear. I’m not buying this, and you shouldn’t either.

In fact, studies show that time set aside as separate from work actually makes you more productive. I’m totally buying this, and you should, too.

A good life-work balance is critical not only to your sales performance, it’s essential to your quality of life, creativity, and relationships. So how you do find that balance? Ramp up your sales—and your life enjoyment—with these tips.

1) Your Home Office:

Working from home can be a challenge. What are your hours? It’s good to have that flexibility of setting your own hours, but how much work is too much? No one is there to tell you when you can “go home.” So try to:

  • Avoid setting up your office in your bedroom. If space permits, locate your office in a room dedicated to that purpose.
  • Give yourself permission to clock out. (I mean it, be your own best boss.)
  • Walk out of your office, shut off the lights, and close the door to signal that the day’s work is over.
  • End the day by relaxing or doing something that recharges you.

2) Your Identity:

What you do is not who you are. If you love your job, that’s great. But you have been created for so much more. Some people spend every waking moment doing—or just thinking about—work. That’s not a life. Yes, there are seasons where you’ll have to grind it out to finish a big project, but this shouldn’t be the case every day. Explore other avenues of creativity or activity that round out your life and encourage personal growth and fulfillment.

3) Your Day-to-Day Experiences:

When you’re working, work…don’t waste time. Likewise, when you’re off, be truly off. Unplug. Be present and in the moment, awake to all that it has to offer. As Oprah would say, “Remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.”  Seize it, because you won’t ever get this moment again.