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5 Qualities of Effective Coaches

Do you feel like your client coaching is falling short of your potential? There are a number of reasons established experts with long lists of accomplishments still miss the mark as coaches.

You may be thinking that your extensive experience is the keystone of your business and that it’s too risky to not use your credentials as the foundation for your marketing. Although experience is key to know what information to teach, becoming a memorable coach has little to do with what can be seen on paper and more to do with how you engage your clients with what they are doing in a way that makes them feel connected to their purpose.

You could easily be holding yourself back from reaching your potential as a coach. Failing to deliver in these key areas could not only result with your current clients losing faith in your mentoring abilities but prevent new potential clients from seeking you out and trusting in your services.

Sometimes making small shifts in your day-to-day can make a HUGE difference. Here are 5 common qualities of memorable coaches that when exercised consistently, provide the foundation for being the best mentor you can be.

  • Focus – Top coaches are fixated on their targets. They clearly define the scope of the project, have a specific vision, are priority driven and make sure that deadlines are hit to keep everyone on track. They do what it takes to make things happen.
  • Adaptability – Good coaches know that clients come in all shapes and communication styles and that there is truly no “one-size-fits-all” approach. They will adapt their coaching style for the individual in a way that allows them to better achieve their goals.
  • Still pay their dues – Even the best aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get messy. Leaders worth following are still willing to jump in and never feel entitled to anything but what they work for.
  • Actively listen – The only thing more important than asking the right questions is listening to the answers. The best coaches are able to hang up their own thoughts and focus all of their attention on what their client is communicating. This helps to form a truly collaborative relationship which will be more effective for both parties in reaching their objectives.
  • Embrace a larger purpose – Good coaches guide you toward hitting your quotas, meeting your deadlines and achieving company goals. The best coaches do this while helping their clients grow internally, helping to instill pride in their work and allowing them to become connected to the significance of what they do each day. They understand that business is more than just numbers.

What skills do you find have been the most influential in your journey of being the best coach you can be? What areas do you need improvement?